Fraud detection for those who care

We aim to leave fraudsters without a penny

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Why we do this?

We're absolutely intolerant to fraud and have knowledge, experience and ability to fight it.

How we do this?

  • We develop a system flexible enough to meet the requirements of most of our customers
  • Our team is constantly investigating traffic for suspicious activity in order to identify new approaches to fraud
  • We advise our clients how to correctly assess the quality of traffic and respond to violations.


We provide full service for detection supply-side fraud

Fraud detection

Our sytem analyzes a hundred of different parameters in real-time and calculates risk score for for every impression. ImpScore suits the companies which really care about fraud detection.

Self-service system

Our full-featured self-service platform informs you about quality of each of you traffic sources, apps and web-sites. We tell you what they do wrong and how to fix it if it's possible

Detailed reports

Enterprise package includes 24/7 support and detailed reports about detected violations

What kinds of fraud we detect

ImpScore can detect almost all known kinds of fraud in mobile traffic

Non-human impressions

Impressions in a place where user can not see your banner. For example in background or in a very small frame


ImpScore will check if your banner was really visible to user. Frauds may render hundreds of impressions in background.

Hostile tools

ImpScore if any software was used to fake an impression or modify its parameters. We faced situations when frauds sell web traffic as in-app.

Invalid environment

ImpScore detects impressions powered not by mobile phones and real apps. Don't buy impressions rendered on some server.

Proxy/VPN unmasking

We can detect real location of the device. Don't pay for traffic from Pakistan as for USA.

Many other

ImpScore checks a number of parameters to not to leave any chance to frauds.
Don't pay for impressions which can't bring you money!

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Per 1,000,000 impressions
  • Fraud detection service
  • Self-served platform
  • Daily email reports
  • Customer support service
  • API



  • Fraud detection service
  • Self-served platform
  • Daily email reports
  • Customer support service
  • API
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Investigating of violations by our team


We’re a team of experienced specialists in computer technologies and data analysis. We use all our knowledge and skills to fight against all kind of fraud. Our enemies become smarter and more inventive and we’re are always a step ahead of them. It’s a war and we’re soldiers here.

But we're sure that not all invalid impressions are intentional fraud. In many cases they are a result of technical mistakes and we consider our mission is to fix what can be fixed and what should be blocked

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